July 16, 2016
by sarah

Raleigh Flea Market Part 1

With the summer months come one of our favorite past times…Flea Market shopping. We don’t know about you but this is one of the absolute best ways to spend a weekend morning.  These markets offer the best of produce and local crafts and so much more.  There are many of these markets around but one of the largest and best here in the triangle area is the Raleigh Flea Market.   Founded in 1971 by the Stewart family at the historic State Fairgrounds its humble beginnings have grown from six tables and a few vendors into six buildings, 1,000 vendors and acres of fairgrounds campus.  Since 2008 the Raleigh Flea Market has once again been headed by an original founder of the market. Marshall Stewart III has managed the flea market ever since.

Flea Markets | Cary NC Temporary Housing

The Raleigh Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.   Our address is 1025 Blue Ridge Road Raleigh NC.  Our location is accessible from I-40 and the I-440 Raleigh Belt Line.  We are  located just minutes from Downtown Raleigh, NC State University, Research Triangle Park, and Raleigh Durham University International Airport. If you are visiting the area this makes it easy for you to find us! Parking and admission are FREE.  We gladly welcome tour buses and tour groups!  If you need help in locating us Please phone 919-899-3532.

This farmers market is focused on being in community. From local non-profit organizations to local scouting organizations and local churches we encourage fundraisers here at the market.  We offer a featured non-profit organizations a chance to be featured prominently inside our market and advertising on our scrolling marquee.

Some of our local Vendors include:

• Afghan Wall & Wall Hangings

• Antiques

• Apparel

• Art

• Baseball Cards

• Beauty Supplies

• Bicycles

• Bird Cages

• Books

• Brand Name Fragrances

• Comic Books

• Country Crafts

• Decorative Flags

• Doll Shops

• Earrings

• Electronics

• Fishing Supplies

• Flags

• Floral Arrangements

• Fudge Shop

• Furniture

• Golf Clubs, Balls and Apparel

• Gourmet Spices

• Guttering, Windows, Siding, Sunroof

• Handcrafted Home Accessories

• Handcrafted Outdoor Furniture

• Home and Garden Statuary

• Honey, Cheese and Candy Shop

• India Crafts and Apparel

• Jewelry – Antique, Fine and Costume

• Lamps and Shades

• Leather Products

• Lingerie

• Linen and Lace

• Loose leaf tea

These are just a few of the many vendors you will find here each and every week at the Raleigh Farmers Market. We feature the very best in local produce, arts and crafts, and entertainment throughout the year.  Keep in mind that we are a year round market that is only closed during the state fair in October each year.  Because we are open year round our vendors offer seasonal products to keep the variety fresh. Make us part of your family get away every time you visit the Raleigh Durham area.  We know you will find something for the entire family here.

Cary NC Temporary Housing 

If you find yourself visiting the Triangle Area for business or pleasure and need a great place to spread out and enjoy your stay give Home Suite Home a call.  We offer spacious 2 and 3 bedroom Cary NC temporary housing for whatever your family needs.  We have fully stocked kitchens ready to cook in, just bring your groceries and settle in.  Call us today to make your reservation!




July 15, 2016
by sarah

Is Corporate House Just for Business Travelers?

There are many reasons for considering Cary Corporate Housing.  Some think that it’s only an option for those using this type of housing for business travelers who need a long term stay.  The truth of the matter is that there are many scenarios which can make corporate housing a really great option for you.  Corporate Housing or temporary housing is an option that is designed to accommodate persons who find themselves needing housing for 20 or more days.  There can be many reasons for this.  Sometimes relocation for work or a move to a new area.  A natural disaster can sometimes occur and there is then a need for temporary housing.   Extended stay apartments provide most everything you may need for a longer than normal stay.

Cary Corporate Housing

Many corporations have long known that the cost effectiveness of Cary Corporate Housing is by far less costly than a typical hotel stay.  It can be as much as 30 to 50 percent less.  That is a huge savings when you will need a longer term stay.  Typically a hotel room can cost as much as $120 or more per night.  Corporate Housing on the other hand runs on average $60 per night.  That is a significant difference and a huge budget saver.

The good news for regular consumers is that Corporate Housing providers have realized that seasonal stays, long vacations, and seniors visiting families for longer time periods are all valid reasons for these groups of people to look into extended stay apartments.  This is a really attractive alternative to a hotel stay.  Corporate Housing has separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and full kitchens.

The environment closely resembles being at home and gives room to feel less crowded.  Housekeeping can be arranged and all of your utilities are included in one bill.  Cable, electricity, water, and phone are normally included.  Many are fully furnished but if not a small fee can be added for housewares rental.  A fully furnished kitchen will come in handy for preparing meals as restaurant costs can get pretty hefty during a long stay.

Most Corporate Housing is located in areas with plenty of shopping, area attractions, neighborhood parks and recreation, and close to many job sites.  This makes this option particularly attractive to families.  Many offer a fitness center, pools, hot tubs, and great televisions with plenty of video games for the kiddos.

If you are in need of office technology there are usually fax machines, modems for internet service, multiple line telephones, printers, and any other technology you might need during your stay.  You can call ahead to see what is available for you to use during your stay.  This is certain to reduce the stress a longer than normal stay is certain to bring.  We know that the secret to a truly good experience in travel is no stress or at least as little as possible!

If you find yourself in need of Cary corporate housing options while visiting the triangle are give Home Suite Home a call.  We offer two and three bedroom extended stay apartments that have all the luxury and comforts of home you need to make your stay great!  Our fully stocked kitchens give you all you need to prepare a wonderful home cooked meal for your family.  Call us today to make your reservation!


July 5, 2016
by sarah

Why Choose Corporate Housing Over a Hotel? Part Two

For various reasons sometimes we find ourselves in need of a more fully furnished Cary NC extended stay apartment options.  This can also be called temporary or corporate housing.  Maybe a job change or simply a month or longer school or job training.  Whatever the reason there are three options for you to choose from.  These are generally a standard hotel, an extended stay hotel, or Cary NC extended stay apartment.

Choose a Cary NC Extended Stay Apartment Over a Hotel!

All of these choices offer you a flexible stay with no long term lease involved.Last blog post we listed some good reasons for choosing a corporate housing option when looking at these options.  This blog post will examine each option a bit more closely.

Hotels:  This option offers daily housekeeping and a 24 hour reception area with someone always available at the front desk to help with any problems you might encounter.  The drawback is that this is a more expensive long term option and it is a small space and has no real kitchen to speak of.

Extended Stay Hotels:  Daily Housekeeping is also an amenity offered in this type of temporary housing.  Most offer some type of kitchenette with a microwave, small refrigerator, and a sink.  There is no oven or stove.  This type of housing is also generally small.

Cary NC Extended Stay Apartment:  This housing option offers the most homelike feel.  There are usually many great amenities including a full kitchen.  There is of course no daily housekeeping.  The space however is usually large.

Of these three options a Cary NC extended stay apartment is by far your best option when it comes to any kind of extended stay. The cost is the most effective of all the options.  More than the cost however is the home like feel of an extended stay apartment.  When you have to be away from your own home for a long period of time having somewhere to call “home” helps alleviate some of the stress you can experience when you relocate for any reason.  A extended stay apartment allows you to bring some of your own things to make the space your own.  Pictures, throws, even your own comforter or quilt can all help make the space more your own.  After a long day at the office what could possibly be more welcoming.

A full kitchen is also one of the great perks of a corporate housing option.  Being able to prepare yourself a home cooked meal is so comforting.  Even if you are not a gourmet cook being able to have your own snacks and breakfast items will be really important.  Being able to make coffee and a on the go breakfast can save loads of time in the morning rush.  If you have your entire family with you there are bedroom and bathroom size options also available. Having family with you makes the case for corporate housing even stronger.  You will defiantly want the room to spread out with a feels like home atmosphere.

One of the biggest considerations for Cary NC extended stay apartment is the security.  Most extended stay apartments offer gated entrances as well as top of the line security.  This is really important for your sense of well being and feeling of safety  especially if you have your family with you.  Home Suite Home offers luxurious, spacious extended stay apartments that you will love.  Each of our apartments are tastefully decorated and are guaranteed to feel as much like home as you need during your stay.  Call us today to make your reservation!


July 3, 2016
by sarah

Why Choose Corporate Housing Over a Hotel? Part One

When it comes to relocating for a new job or the same job in a new area, where you will live at least temporarily is a big decision. Nobody wants to live out of their suitcase for very long so Cary Corporate Housing is a really great option for you.  Hotels are well….Hotels. There are a lot of reasons Corporate Housing will best fit all your needs and we are going to offer up a great list of reasons for you to consider when making a choice about temporary housing.

  • If it is only one person relocating or if you have a spouse or entire family, Cary Corporate Housing can accommodate all of you without the need for multiple hotel rooms.
  • Corporate Housing is a better choice financially.  This type of housing can be half of the cost of a hotel stay.  This makes it a great choice for companies financial bottom lines.
  • Temporary Housing is known for the many services provided . Your gas, electric, cable and internet are covered in your bill. Household furniture and housewares are also generally included.  This make it very convenient to keep expense accounts all on one bill.
  • Cary Corporate Housing will also provide you with that feeling of home.  There is a separate family room for television watching and relaxing.  A kitchen, and then your own bedroom for sleeping in your own bed.  Nothing says home more than that.
  • Temporary Housing has many more amenities than a regular hotel room.  Most offer swimming pools and hot tubs.  There is usually a good laundry facility located inside.  Some offer fireplaces and garages. Most are gated which means better security.  A great gym for your fitness needs is a need met by corporate housing.  You also have a choice of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Most temporary Housing is located near your job and close to great restaurants.  Most have a good shopping area nearby.
  • The best thing about Cary Corporate Housing is the full kitchens provided.  Even if you only require a quick breakfast or maybe you like to prepare your own evening meal these kitchens are fully stocked with everything but your food supplies.  Just being able to stock your favorite snacks and drinks is a huge plus when it comes to feeling more like you are in your own home verses a hotel room.
  • Privacy is a real advantage in temporary housing.  Your own space to come and go and make you feel like you have a home at least for the duration of your temporary stay.

When it comes to making the choice for temporary housing it’s very clear that corporate housing is the way to go to ensure your stay is as close to home as possible.  A good corporate housing location will have packages to accommodate all of your needs.  No matter how small or large your accommodations need to be.  Home Suite Home is a premier extended stay apartment provider in the area. We specialize in providing Cary Corporate Housing for all of your extended stay needs.  We offer two and three bedrooms extended stay apartments with fully furnished kitchens.  Give us a call today!



June 30, 2016
by sarah

Tips for a Temporary Move Part Two

Last blog post we began talking about tips for a temporary move.  For whatever reason if you are moving to a new location and need to do it quickly we have some tips for making it successful.  Today we are going to address how to make this type of move.  We hope they can help you transition smoothly to your new location.

Tips | Cary NC Temporary Housing

  • Temporary relocation for your job – Sometimes our life’s work takes us to a new location for a short amount of time.   If this is the case for you your housing will be easy.  A hotel stay id great for a week or so.  You only need to pack a suitcase with what you will need during this brief time. Take your electronics including phone and computer and you are set.  Most have laundry service or a on site laundry facility.  If however it will be a longer stay then you will need to find an extended stay apartment or rental and make sure it is fully furnished.
  • College – When you are moving either yourself or your newly graduated teen to college fortunately for the first year or so they can live in the dorms.  Here you will need to provide their bedding, linens, toiletries, and clothing.  Small furniture like bookcases, small fridge, a microwave etc. will also be helpful.
  • Home Renovation  Sometimes it might be a necessity to move out of our homes due to a major home renovation.    This is a great time to find an extended stay apartment in the same town and storage for your belongings until this major uphevel is done.  The fantastic thing is it is temporary and you will move back into you renovated home soon.
  • Permanent Move – Sometimes the reason for a temporary move is not so temporary.  If this will turn into a permanent move our last blog post offered options for housing until you make a decision on where you want to settle.  An extended stay apartment is a really great option for this type of move.  You will want to check out the area where you will be working and the distance from various neighborhoods.

When moving into Cary NC temporary housing you will certainly need to pack up your belongings.  Make a detailed list of what you will need in your extended stay housing and then pack up the rest.  This is a great time to sort through your belongings and declutter anything you do not want to make the move with you.  Make certain that you store any valuables and personal documents safely for the trip with you.  This should include medications and electronics.  If you have pets don’t forget to pack for them as well.  Think carefully about each person involved and make a detailed list of what comes with you to your temporary housing and what will be put into storage.

Choose a really good storage facility that will move your items to their facility when moving out and then to your new home when you are ready.  Ask around for references on facilities before you choose.  Be sure it is secure and is monitored.

These are all some really good tips for making your move to Cary NC temporary housing for whatever the reason.  Home Suite Home is an extended stay apartment provider here in the triangle area.  We offer luxurious, cozy accommodations with the feel of home.  Make your reservation today!